EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is used to help process trauma from the body. It is effective at decreasing the distress level from single event traumatic events like a car accident, fear of flying, or combat trauma. EMDR works like REM sleep. It processes  memory, resulting in the decrease of emotional intensity. Memory is intact, with out the emotional triggers. 

Attachment Focused EMDR (AF-EMDR) is used for people with complex early childhood trauma histories. The trauma may include Abuse or Neglect as a child received over a period of time. AF_EMDR is also used for current issues including Chronic Pain, Betrayal, Grief and Loss, Aging Issues, Relational Trauma, Betrayal, and others. Adults who are experiencing current distress can heal from these early attachment trauma's with AF-EMDR. 

When AF-EMDR processing occurs the individual will develop new neural networks in their brain which has to ability to heal the previous trauma. Once this healing occurs, the individual can experience a significant decrease in triggering events. The decrease in triggering events leads to less activation of the amygdala (the fight or flight response) and a calmer, more regulated emotional state.

Call or email Teresa to discover how you can heal with EMDR and or AF-EMDR.

Teresa Maples MS, LMHC, CSAT  is a Certified EMDR and Attachment Focused Therapist. 

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